How to Hire The Right Moving Company


Moving can be a hassle if you don’t trust the people moving your stuff to your new home. Do they love your vintage vase just like you do? Or would they care if you want the exact 32 pieces of your precious crockery set to reach their destination without a scratch? All these thoughts hog up your mind and the burden gets overwhelming.

An easy way out and the most vital step when you are moving is knowing your mover. It is obvious but let’s list all the uncertainties:

  • What guarantee do they provide?
  • Are they a scam?
  • What if they are a fraud?
  • How much are you supposed to invest?

That one trustworthy handshake would make your travel easy-peasy and exciting. So let’s talk about what makes a moving company “the one” for you:

  1. Make an inventory of movable items:

First and foremost, plan on what you must move. What categories do they belong to? Are you moving into a fully furnished home? Where does the furniture go? Because the most important thing any mover would want to know is, what amount of space will your stuff consume.

So, think carefully. Do the beds and the sofa set need to come along or do you want to sell it off? Is it just the crockery and delicate items that need to be boxed or the big stuff like the TV and refrigerator need to be moved? You never know, a garage sale may be long overdue.

  1. Ask around:

The best source of trust is word of mouth. Call a friend or family who recently moved and ask about their experience. Chances are, a colleague at work might have good contacts too. Write the names and the numbers down so you don’t miss out on a good mover.

  1. Call the movers and get quotes:

If a company gives you one standard amount, don’t settle for that mover. Good companies usually give a rough estimate based on the weight, the number of boxes and the volume your space will consume in a truck. Why? Because no one has actually seen what you want to move yet. So, the best practice is to call a couple of companies and gather the estimates to get a good hunch on the cost in the market. Getting an estimate is fairly easy, as most moving websites have a “free estimate form” on the home page, making it easy and time-efficient to get an estimate. You can see an example of a contact form at www.moversinescondido.com.

  1. Check mover’s license and insurance

You might have to file a claim against the movers in case you do end up opening a box of broken items. For that, you simply have to request the mover’s company for the DOT number. It is simply the number issued by the United State’s Department of Transport. You can verify this by writing the DOT number on FMCSA’s website.

  1. Cross-check with the Better Business Bureau

BBB has a database for trustworthy companies around a couple of continents. Searching from their list of reliable companies can be fruitful.

  1. Verify address

Ask for the company’s business contact card if they don’t own a website. In either case, check if the company has a physical valid address. A simple background check hack is to check whether the address is registered under the company name in the phonebook.

A key takeaway is to never forget doing a quick background check to help you shortlist your moving companion. With these few steps, you can guarantee that your moving experience will be a breeze with the right movers to support you.